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#1 Create your own bespoke fragrance
There’s nothing quite like creating your own signature scent. Depending on your wedding theme and look, there’s a different scent for every bride – from the romantic princess bride to the glam fashion-forward bride. Perfume brands like Jo Malone London, Senteurs de Provence, Sifr and Je t’aime Perfumery allow you to customise your own special fragrance.

Want to find out what suits you? Set a personal consultation with the stores or check out this fun online quiz we found to find out what scent suits your personality!


#2 Scent your invitation
Different wedding celebrations demand different scents to create the right ambiance. You can start with a perfumed invite that sets the tone of your wedding. For a garden celebration, think a feminine floral scent (we love Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede), or if you’re having a fun cheerful wedding, try a citrusy fragrance like orange blossom for a refreshing energetic vibe.

You can either dab essential oils on the outermost gummed strip (applying it on the invitation itself will stain the paper) or spritz a bit of your favourite perfume on the invite itself and allow it to dry.


#3 Venue scenting
Adding a fragrance to your wedding venue can really make a difference to the atmosphere of your big day. Besides your theme, you can also match the scent to your colour scheme. A soft delicate smell works well with pretty pastel colours while a glamorous affair would require a bolder, more sensual scent.

“When chosen well, the scent will bring back fond memories of your wedding that you and your guests will remember forever,” says Jo Malone London. “A bespoke wedding scent can be achieved by using candles, diffusers and/or room sprays in various scents. Candles are great for setting the mood. Some couples use different scents for the reception, ceremony and dining area to conjure different moods.”


#4 Scented favours

Have your guests take home a scented gift, like a solid perfume or mini vials of your wedding fragrance so it evokes memories and happy moments of your big day whenever they smell it. Other scented favours you can consider are bath products, soaps, candles and even satchets of flowers (we love lavender for a rustic chic celebration!).


#5 The little details
“Incorporating fragrance in unexpected places also creates a lasting impression on guests, like adding a few drops of essential oils into cold towels for guests at a tropical wedding, or spritzing perfume onto the skirts of table cloths so guests get a whiff of the scent whenever they get up from the table or sit down,” says Jo Malone London.


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