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Underwater Wedding Portraits! 7 Things You Should Know Before Diving In

#1 Skip the heavy dresses
“We usually recommend lightweight gowns, depending on your swimming ability. Shorter dresses are great, and keep in mind you don’t have to wear a wedding gown – these are quite heavy, especially when wet and we advise clients to purchase a separate, lightweight and shorter gown.” Image: @loveandwater/Instagram #2 Location, location, location
“Hawaii itself is perfect for underwater work! We still go far offshore to achieve the best clarity that you just can’t get shooting near the beach.” Image: @loveandwater/Instagram #3 Safety first
“Take note of your own ability as well as that of their photographer. Underwater work is exciting but you need to know it should be reserved only for confident ocean swimmers. The photographer should not only be great at capturing images but should also be competent in ocean safety. He or she should be honest with you on what you can expect from the session.” Image: @loveandwater/Instagram #4 Just keep swimming
“Prepare yourselves by swimming in the ocean! Swimming in pools is very different compared to swimming in the sea and there’s a lot to consider including diving into deeper waters and possible encounters with marine life.” Image: @loveandwater/Instagram #5 Skip the makeup
“We generally tell couples to go without makeup as we focus on getting wider shots anyway, and any hairdo goes out the window once you’re wet!” Image: @loveandwater/Instagram #6 When choosing your photographer
“Do your due diligence and focus not only on your photographer’s portfolio but also his/her knowledge of the ocean and where you will be going. Let him or her know how confident you are with swimming in the ocean and check if the shots in his/her portfolio are achievable with your swimming ability. Lastly, have fun and enjoy the unique experience!” Image: @loveandwater/Instagram #7 Pose perfect
“When it comes to guiding couples in posing in the water, we demonstrate the poses ourselves and have them follow along – it is challenging, but the end result is worth it!” Image: @loveandwater/Instagram