Lykke Li is the star of Gucci’s Spring Summer 2015 digital short film, featuring her song Just Like a Dream.

The film tells the story of a young artist and her creative journey as she composes a song. Cut with flashbacks, the short features the moments that inspired her writing: her travels around the world, browsing a vintage record store, watching a beautiful sunset, etc. Everything around her is what creates the song. The singer always carries the Gucci Lady Web with her. She is, you gotta admit, a very compelling figure.

And here are five other things about Lykke Li you should know:

1  She will feature in A$AP’s forthcoming as-yet-untitled album, together with FKA Twigs. Consider A$AP lucky.

2  She cancelled her Laneway 2015 appearance in Singapore due to health reasons. Yes we love her, but we’re not a forgiving lot. We were hoping to hear this, her cover of Kings of Leon’s Knocked Up.

3  Lykki Li sings with Woodkid on the Insurgent soundtrack. Listen to the haunting Never Let You Down.

4  It’s pronounced ‘Likka’, by the way. She’s Swedish.

5  Ten years ago – when she was a struggling musician – she played her acoustic guitar and sang (busker-like) in Washington Square Park, New York City – just because Bob Dylan did it as well. Here’s a track from her latest album I Never Learn.

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