These are inspiring fashion feeds, not models’ scrapbooks of selfies and food. Check out some industry trendsetters, tastemakers as well as a couple of arty, jokey accounts that provide more than just self-promotion. It’s a different and more intimate look at the fashion business.

Panos Yiapanis > The fashion director for Love magazine – and one of the industry’s best stylist – gives you a showcase of his latest work, plus photos of Beast, his dog.


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Artlexachung >  An inspired account that juxtaposes photos of the ubiquitous Alexa Chung next to famous art works, where they both look – amazingly – kinda similar.


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Carine Roitfeld > The tastemaker’s account is a curated mood board of fashion shoots, street style portraits and illustrations by Donald ‘Drawbertson’ Robertson.


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Ozpurple > Oliver Zahm, editor-in-chief of Purple Magazine, shows you what life is like for a rich, successful dilletante.


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The Cut > The official Instagram for New York Magazine‘s site You get decisive style and incisive talk.


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Choupette’s Diary > The cat herself says it best, “I am Choupette Lagerfeld and I am a spoiled #Chanel pussy.” Get a load of Karl’s cat living the high life.


The Impossible Cool >  Sean Sullivan (a Paul Smith alum) fills his feed with (impossibly) cool vintage photos. Totally timeless and terrific.


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Female Magazine > If you want to find out what the team is up to, who’s shooting the next cover, and what kind of swag we’re getting in the office. (And we promise, no pics of the canteen food).