Smells are evocative, whether it’s a steaming plate of clams, a classic perfume or a shirt that a partner has just worn. So when cocktails are created to mirror exclusive perfumes, it’s surely going to be doubly impressive… And delish.


The cocktails are available at Green Bar at Hotel Cafe Royal, a vibrant cocktail destination evocative of 1920s Paris.

London’s Hotel Cafe Royal has just launched the Atelier Collection of Cocktails in collaboration with Parfums Givenchy. Developed by the hotel’s mixologist Tiziano Tasso to mirror the seven fragrances of Atelier de Givenchy, each of the cocktails has a distinct colour and unique taste – reflecting the perfume’s own personality.

Hotel Cafe Royal Givenchy 2

Each fragrance has been structured by the richest raw materials (including rare flowers, precious woods and vibrant leathers) and each fragrance name reflects the symbiosis of perfume and fashion.

Some of the cocktails include: 

Chypre Caresse (a delicate and timeless fresh chypre): Developed with the elegant aromas of gin, jasmine, lemon citrus and the subtle, yet rich notes of honey.

Ylang Austral (an ethno‐chic and graphic woody floral): Featuring an unusual combination of flavours including rum, sour apple sherbet, orange Curacao and mandarin oils to add balance and depth.

Neroli Originel (an oriental green for the elegance of an icon): Made using the most traditional of French spirit, Cognac, combined with vanilla, lemon and essential oils from bitter orange.

Oud Flamboyant (a bold and magnetic smoky woody): Featuring an unusual combination of flavours including Japanese whisky and mandarin juice, to add balance and depth.


The quintessence of the Givenchy style is conveyed by the seven fragrances of the Atelier de Givenchy collection.

Available till March 31, each cocktail is £13 ($26) and is only served in the Green Bar. For further information, visit Hotel Cafe Royal