laneige x playnomore
I heart K-pop (okay, maybe only G-Dragon), but that’s not the reason why I’m so into Laneige’s collaboration with fellow South Korean fashion label Playnomore. Comprising Intense Lip Gels ($36 each), BB Cushions ($59 each) and the Jet Curling Mascara ($34), the three-piece makeup collection boasts red and pink packaging covered in cartoon hearts and eyes. It’s so cute, I know it’ll elicit the same squeals GD gets from girls and women everywhere (because that was my reaction when I first saw it).


lily rose depp

Potentially embarrassing confession: Every once in a while, my fashion-icon-of-the-moment is some female teen celebrity. There was Elle Fanning, whose floaty, pastel-hued wardrobe and undone hair reminded me of a real-life bohemian fairy. There was Kiernan Shipka, who impressed me with her pretty take on ’60s mod. Now, it’s 16-year-old Lily-Rose Depp, face of Chanel’s Pearl Eyewear collection and an increasingly regular front-row fixture at fashion shows (she was at the brand’s casino-themed Couture show). Part Parisian chic, part laid-back Californian cool, she makes even couture look young and cool. Is it wrong that I wish to be her for a day? (Please don’t judge.)


cosme decorte liposome treatment liquid

One of my favourite parts of the job is discovering mind-blowingly good skincare. The latest that joins my can’t-live-without-it stash: Cosme Decorte’s Liposome Treatment Liquid ($157). Meant to clarify, hydrate and even out skin texture, it can be used like a softener. What got me sold? It made my complexion brighter, and feel significantly bouncier and smoother after just one application. Take my word on this.

An adapted version first appeared in 
Female‘s October issue.

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