#1: Fly – Vandetta (Syndicate SG)

“This one really gets me in a real girl power mode. I have so much respect for Vanessa Fernandez a.k.a Vandetta as both a musician and personality, and it is these amazing qualities that seals her position as one of the most exciting female artistes in Singapore. Let this track from her Vandetta EP take you away, and there’s also a remixed version to explore for those who really can’t get enough.”

#2: Nomance – mil (H Y B R D T H R Y)

“Local music collective H Y B R D T H R Y just released a stellar compilation of original tracks from local electronic beat makers, musicians and rappers, and this has to be one of the sexiest tracks in the album, . A little birdy told me that “Nomance” is mil’s very first publicly released track. Looking forward to more soothing R’n’B goodness from this dude.”

#3: U-N-I feat. Jamie Lidell – JETS (Ultramajic) 

“A collaboration between two of my favourite producers, Footwork/Jungle/Juke stalwart Travis Steward a.k.a Machinedrum and House/Glitch/Detroit Techno/Funk maestro Jimmy Edgar as JETS, this has been a constant on my playlist since its release in May this year. Coupled with Jamie Lidell’s soulful vocals, it’s the perfect wind-down track for me everyday.”

#4: Great Falls – fzpz (Phyla Digital)

“This 21-year old boy wonder from Singapore has had me fan-girling for a while. This comes out of his latest EP Soul Explorations that’s just released from local record label Phyla Digital. His music comes with a good dose of hip hop and jazz-influenced beats, is really easy to listen to and it’s a regular on my “Sundaze” vibes playlist when I DJ.”

#5: Wasted Days – Sam Binga ft. Warrior Queen (Critical Music)


“This hard-hitting track has been on my music playlist of late, and is a favourite whenever I DJ at big venues for a party. Sam Binga is one artist that I’ve been following for a while and is an essential name for any fans of Dub/Drum & Bass/Grime/Jungle fans out there. This comes out of his latest album called Wasted Days that had its grand release in September.”

#6: AMK – Commodo, Gantz, Kahn (Deep Medi Musik)

“This amazing joint LP from dubstep heavyweights Commodo, Gantz and Kahn makes it sort of like a superstar release of sorts. This has been playing nonstop on my Itunes every single week, and it’s such a sexy, deep and immersive track. If you like some nefariously heavy beats, exotic vocals and a smattering of lazer sounds here and there, please listen to this.”

Main image: Amanda’s Instagram (@akasounds)


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