We have to admit that we’ve always been envious of how recipe developer Bella Koh has this ability to take the prettiest and classiest shots of her home on Instagram (note to self: marble always helps). These days, there is more reason to get interior design #inspo and tips from Koh, thanks to the latest project that this mother-of-one and member of the Female collective has started.

staunch advocate of conscious- and slow-living, Koh has turned that personal way of life into a business model with the launch of Slowhouse at the end of January. Situated in the former Tiong Bahru apartment that used to be the home she shared with her husband, girl and cats, this 1,700 sq ft space is best described as the ultimate Zen spot.

The space functions as a salon event-slash-workshop studio but in the setting of a home — there is a dining area, garden, living room, kitchen among others here. The kitchen is where Koh would be spending most of the time with those who make an appointment with the Slowhouse: She would be helming cooking demos and workshops that focus on healthy, delicious and fuss-free recipes there.

Judging from our preview of the space, we spotted that the one style hack Koh uses to spruce up the Slowhouse is the generous sprinkling of plants and greens (#jungalowstyle). Here, we got this lifestyle guru to show us how to get one picture-perfect home too.


Monstera deliciosa is perhaps the most common plant you see on Instagram now. (My husband and I) are fans of this plant because it survives well in water and it’s highly affordable. We also like to use it in spaces like the kitchen where things often tend to look a little more cluttered; with the monstera deliciosa, though, everything is nicely balanced.”


“I’m absolutely clueless as to what breed this plant is — it’s like a cross between a bonsai and a fern. This plant creates volume and height in the main gathering space of Slowhouse which has a ceiling height of 3.5 metres. Which is why it was extremely crucial to select a plant that was overpowering but stood well on its own with seeking much attention when we were deciding how to dress up the space.”


“We opted for a luscious fern in a big pot that brought nature back indoors and added a unique colour and texture to the space.”


“It all started with ferns in our backyard for the Slowhouse. It was the easiest plant to grow and provide a fresh, green and healthy presence to the home.”

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