billie eilish

Yes, we are talking about Billie Eilish. Her ethereal indie electro-pop sound has definitely caught on, what with her many Grammy nominations and outstanding monthly streams on Spotify.  But apart from her eclectic sound, there’s so much more to know about this LA teen. We got up close with the daring singer where she shared the story behind her notable Instagram handle, her love for fashion and more.

On having her own fashion label

BE: “Honestly, I want it to be as soon as possible. I really like to be judged so I think I would make clothes that make people judge me a little bit. Not necessarily in a good or bad way, I just like to be looked at. I always wanted to wear whatever I wanted to wear. No one has ever told me otherwise even when I was a kid. Clothing is my safety net, it’s like my security guard.”

Her skincare tips

BE: “Don’t touch your face! I always make it a habit not to. I also don’t eat dairy and gluten because it really made my skin flare up so I don’t eat them anymore and it has really helped. I also wash my face every night and apply a moisturiser or else my skin will flake off into a million pieces. Essentially, I always make sure to drink a lot of water, sleep and not touch my face.”

An artist she’d love to collaborate with

BE: “Tyler, The Creator, for sure. He has influenced me so much. Everything he does, everything he says, everything he wears is just spot on for me and he’s just such a genius. He’s insane.”

The story behind her Instagram handle (@wherearetheavocados)

BE: “I was 11 and home alone. I made a grilled cheese (sandwich) and I remember thinking to myself “I want some avocados” and I looked through the whole kitchen, the whole house and everywhere I could possibly look and I screamed, “where are the avocados!” I never found them but I remember standing with the fridge open and thinking to myself “that would be so funny if it was my username” so I did it as a joke but then I just kept it.”

billie eilish

What music is to her

BE: “Well, music is my way of expression with words. Whether it’s singing, writing or performing, I feel through music and it’s always been that way. I had a lot on my mind and I didn’t know how to say it besides writing it down and singing it.”

On how she wants people to feel when listening to her music

BE: “I want them to think, “wow, I like this song so much it feels almost as if it was mine” because if someone feels that way, I want them to know that’s true. And if someone found a new meaning to a lyric of mine that wasn’t actually what it is, that’s cool, change it. I think that’s sick.”

What goes through her mind when she’s on stage

BE: “I really like performing and there’s just way too many things on my mind when I’m on stage. It is really why I do it, and if I didn’t get to perform and see the people who support me and love what I love, I would not do it at all. I would still make art and sing but performing completes everything.”

The top three songs on her Spotify playlist

BE: “There’s this song called Catch Me Outside by Ski Mask The Slump God. I’m also such a huge fan of Moses Sumney. He is so talented and he has a song called Quarrel that I love. The production is amazing. Lastly, I’d say any song by Sabrina Claudio. She’s so good.”

On how she feels about her fans

BE: “I have always just been a fan of so many artists (I still am) but now I’m at the other side of that, which is really weird because I know exactly what they (my fans and supporters) are feeling. Obviously, I don’t know exactly what every single person is feeling but I do get the basis and because of that, I really want to do what nobody ever did for me, whether it’s communicating with me, caring about me or just simply relating to my music. All my fans and supporters are human beings and we are on the same level, nothing more and nothing less, which I feel sometimes many of us don’t realise.”

On her music and career

BE: “I have so much unreleased music it’s crazy. To me, if you want to make music, half of the music you are going to make will be horrible. I always believe you have to make bad music to make good music. And also, I just do what I want when it comes to my music. I don’t really care much if no one likes it because I have always been someone who knows exactly what I want to do in my life whether it’s my music, what I want to say and what I want to look like. Everything is related and it never really was up to anyone else and it’s never going be so I’m just going to do as much as I can while I can.”

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