I’ve never been into chick flicks – give me aliens trying to conquer the world and bad*ss superheroes over the story of a girl finding her one true love any day. The character of Bridget Jones, too, has tended to be mildly annoying in my books, what with all her indecisiveness, awkward actions and incessant diary-keeping (who does that these days?).

Funnily enough, though, Bridget Jones’s Baby has made me rethink my prejudice against such fluffy, feel-good films. While its premise – two men vying to win Bridget’s affections in rather childish ways – is similar to the previous two shows, it’s refreshing to meet an older Bridget who still gets herself in the silliest predicaments and possesses enough maturity to laugh at herself about them. She’s honest, she’s independent, she has a fighter’s spirit – qualities that serve only to make audiences, myself included, resonate with the circumstances she’s in (namely: single, pregnant and 43).

bridget jones baby movie

Besides my newfound appreciation for the titular character’s madcap antics, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the film packs a pretty hefty comedic punch throughout its two-hour run. There’ll be moments in which you’ll laugh at the sheer incredulity of it all (like in a scene that involves a pretty famous singer whom Bridget and friend have no clue exists) or at the sheer stupidity of it all (like when Bridget’s gynaecologist has to go through her ultrasound scan – twice). At some point, too, you might not be able to hear the dialogue onscreen because loud guffaws have just filled the entire cinema (yes, it did happen).

And while the film wraps up with a rather cliche ending, I must admit that it’s the first time a rom-com has managed to succeed at making me laugh so hard I nearly teared, and made me forget (worrisome) work deadlines for a few good hours. For these reasons, I am more than willing to put aside all bias.

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