Taylor Swift’s completely mad OTT video Bad Blood is a sci-fi, gangsta, futuristic, Sin-City-meets-Tarantino romp that stars every hot person on earth. You will be replaying this for a long while.

Taylor Swift

Still from video Bad Blood

Bad Blood is directed by Joseph Kahn, who also helmed her Blank Space music vid, but this one takes it to next level unhinged. It debuted during the Billboard Music awards.

Taylor Swifts Mad New Bad Blood Video Stars Every Famous Friend She HasStill from video Bad Blood

The famous faces in her latest opus include Lily Aldrige (as FrostByte), Hailee Steinfeld (as The Trinity), Cara Delevingne (as Mother Chucker), Cindy Crawford (as Headmistress), Zendaya (as Cut-Throat), Paramore’s Hayley Williams (as The Crimson Curse), Gigi Hadid (as Slay-Z), Ellie Goulding (as Destructa X), Lena Dunham (as Lucky Fiori), Kendrick Lamar (as Welvin Da Great), Karlie Kloss (as Knockout), Serayah (as Dilemma), Jessica Alba (as Domino), Martha Hunt (as HomeSlice), Ellen Pompeo (as Luna), Mariska Hargitay (as Justice) and Selena Gomez (as Arsyn).

Allegedly, this is a riposte to her ex-BFF Katy Perry over some background dancers. Which pretty much goes to show, don’t upset Swift. Because she will Mess. You. Up. Go ahead – just press replay.

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Catastrophe vs Homeslice @marhunt #BadBloodMusicVideo

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