Co-working spaces are no longer just about creating a classic office environment, but are all about changing the way we feel at work and our perspective towards it.

Amongst many of such spaces, The Work Project is one of the most highly anticipated. Slated to open at Downtown Gallery this coming June, The Work Project focuses on design, quality and the overall experience to encourage a happier and healthier workplace. Founded by real estate investor and entrepreneur Junny Lee, the 15,000 square foot space provides users a conducive environment for them to work in. Let’s just say they even collaborated with The Providore and famous Omotesando Koffee from Tokyo so you won’t have to go hungry as you slave away – what’s not to love?

But what we’re really digging about the upcoming establishment? Its modern and sophisticated design. We got in touch with the founder himself and Paul Semple, Interior Design Principal of Hassell Studio (the brains behind this exquisite workplace), to learn more about how design played an important role in creating the ideal working space.

Paul Semple (PS): “The beauty of The Work Project is that it’s a hybrid of comfortable small scale relax spaces, larger lounge spaces, as well as intimate zones where you can take your phone calls and check your emails. It never ceases to amaze me how much the corporate workplace environment has shifted in the last 10 years.  It’s really a challenge – how you create enough space for small-scale meetings but enough for those occasional moments that you do need a large group to get together.”

co-working spacePS: “There’s a pantry in the center of the space which is going to be a real core of life for The Work Project. We are trying to create this welcoming, comfortable yet sophisticated experience so people can come in and have a meeting, they’ll have a conversation and hang out.”

Junny Lee (JL): “Then there’s the cold station with lunch/breakfast from The Providore. There’s also a wine fridge with some of these items so it’s a wholesome pantry experience”

co-working space

JL: “We have 15 focus rooms/small meeting rooms that members can use on an unlimited basis. And right in front of them, there’s a whole cluster of mobile hot desks so you could be working in the mobile hot desk and if you need to jump on a call or break out into a small meeting, you can just jump right in and have your small meetings.”

PS: “What we tried to do is go back to the aspirations of different users just to create something which has an element of personalisation and personality to it. To make you feel that you’re not necessarily sitting in an office space – you’re in something that’s still professional  and timeless but you still feel comfortable.”

co-working space

JL: “The Work Project has also invested in very good quality furniture. For example, the chairs used are supposedly the best ergonomic chairs in the world. Again, the experience is very important to us so ergonomics and wellness are extremely important. We invested a lot into the types of furniture that can help your work experience.”

PS: “We also have a large long communal meeting table, as well as breakout lounges for private meetings where you can jump into your laptop. Again, it’s trying to create flexibility to allow Junny and his users of this environment the ability to adapt and create whatever it is they want. It’s seamless, it’s about feeling comfortable – that is what we feel is really gonna differentiate this from a lot of what else is happening in Singapore – it’s quite a different point of view.”

JL: “Conceptually with this design, what we are trying to achieve is that you walk into this space and you feel like you can accomplish anything. You’re the best version of yourself and this is a space where your dreams can come true. ”

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