1. Tune in to the Central Saint Martins’ Degree Show 2020

It’s graduation season for many fashion and art students, not just here in Singapore but abroad as well. Central Saint Martins’ famous BA show kicks off this week – and as you might expect from the institution that produced wunderkinds such as Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Richard Quinn – the breadth of talent on display is quite staggering.

Ongoing; check out the full show here

2. Check out films from Central Asia

Non-profit organisation Asian Film Archive‘s latest program, Whose House Is This?, casts the spotlight on Central Asia – that’s the region that comprises Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan for the uninitiated. With the region’s long and complex history as a traditional crossroad (the Silk Road passes through this area), and a cinematic history dating back to the 1920s, Whose House Is This? looks to be an interesting program that offers insight into a long-overlooked part of the world. There are nine films in total, with each available for rent for 48 hours via Vimeo On Demand for US$3.50 (S$4.90) each.

June 19-July 16 at various times. Check out the full line-cup here

3. Get ready for a raucous party

Beyond everything that’s happening in the world right now, June also happens to be Pride month and with the annual Pink Dot taking place on June 27, one of the most fun ways to pre-celebrate it is to let loose at a pink-themed party. The best in town is undoubtedly the Baby Boy party series, where drag queens, good tunes and a non-judgmental, feel-good ethos come into play. This is also the 10th edition of the series and the organisers are acknowledging the impact black culture has had on the pink community – half of the proceeds will be donated to ActBlue Charities to help in the fight against racial inequalities and state-sanctioned violence.

June 20, 10pm to 2am. Get your tickets here.

4. Indulge in a visual festival dedicated to Akira

Cyberpunk classic Akira is as influential as animated films get, and then some. It may have been created 32 years ago but Akira continues to be highly relevant – everything from The Matrix, Stranger Things and even Kanye West has been influenced by this sci-fi masterpiece. And get this, the film actually predicted that the Olympics would take place in Japan in the year 2020 (the film was created in 1988, though the story was set in a futuristic Tokyo in the year 2019) and even more eerily, that the 2020 Olympics would be cancelled. While the real-life Olympics have been postponed to 2021 rather than cancelled, who’s to say what might happen next year?

Akira fans will undoubtedly rejoice at a new exhibition dedicated to the film. Curated by The Unusual Network and produced by Metamo Industries, the art exhibition sees 14 virtual works by local and regional artists engaging viewers through interactive visuals and a custom soundtrack to replicate that dystopian experience. (Hint: there are tiny red dots interspersed throughout the graphics – click on them to get a closer look and explanation on the artworks, which are also available for purchase.)

Ongoing till Dec 31; check it out here

5. Learn more about activism in a Singapore context

The coronavirus has brought about many changes across all tiers of society – and finally, it seems, the spotlight has been trained on some of Singapore’s most vulnerable and marginalised communities, such as migrant and essential workers. Local theatre company Drama Box, which is known for its socially engaged productions, is revisiting one of its former works staged eight years ago, Wouldn’t It Be Nice?, which depicts a Singapore in the year 2022 in the midst of a crisis and a shortage of resources. Doesn’t sound too far off from where we are right now, eh?

After watching the insightful and prescient play, do stay on for a discussion among several noted activists such as migrant worker activist Kokila Annamalai , book editor Lim Jingzhou, and community arts leader Lin Shiyun to learn how we can do more than just make noise on social media.

June 19, from 7.30pm – catch the play and discussion here

6. Join in a yoga lesson that help raises funds for marginalised communities

June 21 is International Day of Yoga worldwide and while not everyone is a practitioner, Pure Yoga is issuing an open invitation for all to join in in this free livestream session, even if you’ve never tried yoga before. All you really need is an exercise mat and basically, an open mind to take part. If you’ve been wanting to try something new during these uncertain times, this could be a great avenue – funds raised will go towards HealthServe, a local non-profit organisation that provides social and medical assistance for migrant workers.

Take part in this free yoga session on June 21, 3pm – details here.

Cover Image Courtesy of The Unusual Network