zoukout 2015 attagirl
From left: Syaheedah Iskandar, Serene-Rene Ong and Amanda Keisha Ang of ATTAGIRL!

Besides putting together a Zoukout style guide – we’ve included stand-out headgear and the cutest crochet bikini in it – we tapped on the Female Collective’s DJ Amanda Keisha Ang, who’ll be spinning with fellow ATTAGIRL! members this Saturday, on the beats they’ll be dropping at the Lush 99.5 Kaleidoscope tent from 2:30am to 4:30am.

On what party-goers can expect, in Ang’s own words: “Although we started on really strong house music roots, my style right now showcases a lot more from the bass genre, which is also an area that we push as a collective.” Here, four tracks she’ll be including in the mix:

On Fire – Aquadrop

“Released a couple of months ago on (Diplo’s Los Angeles-based record label) Mad Decent (also responsible for putting Singapore on the map in the electronic music scene recently after they signed off new kid on the block Myrne), this track makes a perfect start to my set. It has a really nice vocal intro and a sexy beach party vibe.”


“I always put this track on when I’m in between hyping up the crowd and want to go a little aggressive. Grime (a genre that features thumping drum beats) is always a good choice for me, and this track has some really amazing MCs in there – T-Man, Sparkz, Skittles, Fox, Truthos Mufasa, Chimpo, Chunky, Black Josh. Check!”

Tweet – Oops (Itoa Remix)

“I like to find remixes of 2000s R’n’B – there’s nothing better than putting a new spin (see what I did there?) to an sexy hip-hop club hit that everyone knows and can still appreciate even when it’s treated with a different twist. This is a regular on my party playlist, and it always seems to make the girls wine and grind.”

 Sweet Love (Original Version) – M Beat featuring Nazlyn


“A cover of Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love”, this classic still holds many great memories for me. I try to put in some classic drum and bass or jungle (which typically features reggae and hip-hop) into my sets when I can, because it always brings me back to good times.”

Get the full teaser mix here.


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