Sure, Transformers and the like may make for easy watching after a long day at work (we understand the need to unwind, really!) but are they going to stand the test of time? Maybe not.

Running from today till August 28 at the Capitol Theatre, the line-up includes venerable filmmakers like Japanese legend Akira Kurosawa (come on, you must have heard of him) and Indian Satyajit Ray – so expect nothing but the best of the best.


#1: Ran by Akira Kurosawa

Ran was the last film by Kurosawa, an epic period drama depicting the power struggle of three brothers after their warlord father decides to abdicate and pass on his autonomy to his sons, which eventually leads to open war between the brothers.

Based partially on the story of Shakespeare’s King Lear set against the backdrop of 16th century feudal Japan, it’s often regarded to be among his finest works.

Showtimes: 26th August, 8pm, Capitol Theatre

#2: A Better Tomorrow by John Woo

Hong Kong loves its crime films and A Better Tomorrow was one of the most prominent ringleaders, a game-changer if you will. A story of a reformed ex-triad member who tries to reconnect with his policeman brother, only to discover that ties to the triad are not so easily severed.

A Better Tomorrow made household names out of director John Woo and the then-fledgling actor Chow Yun Fat, who is of course, a legend now. It also broke all box offices record of the time and brought Hong Kong films to the attention of the world stage.

Showtimes: 27th August, 8pm, Capitol Theatre

8#3: Gado Gado by S.Roomai Noor

One of the few surviving Malay films from Singapore’s golden cinematic era of the ’50s to the ’70s, Gado Gado is a comedy of a village boy who has been persuaded by his girlfriend to find work in the big bad city. Hilarity ensues as the village boy encounters one outlandish character after another, making it the perfect lighthearted movie to unwind to.

Showtimes: 27th August, 3pm, Capitol Theatre

Images: Asian Film Archive

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