#1: Warner Bros. Studio Tour’s Forbidden Forest

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Harry Potter maniacs, venture where most Hogwarts students have not, at Warner Bros. Studio Tour’s Forbidden Forest in London, UK. Opening on March 31, the attraction is where you’ll brave stormy weather, see movie props and come face to face with life-size mythical creatures from author JK Rowling’s books.

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#2: Disney Animal Kingdom Park’s Pandora World of Avatar

new theme parks

Float through luminous forests and ride mountain banshees in the enchanted land of Pandora, from the sci-fi movie Avatar. The surreal adventure awaits in Orlando, USA, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park’s new attraction, which opens on May 27.

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#3: Six Flags’ virtual reality roller coaster

new theme parks

Whizz into a new dimension on the recently launched mixed-reality rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, both of which are in California, USA. You’ll battle drones – through the lens of a Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headset – while looping through an actual roller coaster.

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#4: Port Aventura’s Ferrari Land

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Buckle up and rev your engines. Not quite, but you can feel the high velocity of a supercar at Ferrari Land in Catalonia, Spain. Daredevils can take on Europe’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, which launches riders up a 112m spike in five heart-pounding seconds. The park opens on April 7.

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Photos: Six Flags, Supplied

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