All aboard the Firangi Superstar express. Credit: Stefan Khoo

The pandemic has hit the F&B sector hard. Yet, in the past two years, Singapore has also seen the birth of some of our most spectacular restaurants that drive across the point that we aren’t just a global food city, but an excellent one.

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From eclectic bistros big on personality to a French fine-dining institution housed in a heritage church building, these joints are bold in both concept and taste, suffused with the warmth and thoughtfulness of a good friend no matter the setting. And, of course, their interiors are stunning, making them destinations to see and be seen at, and compel one to get all dressed up – even if it’s for a table of one.

Firangi Superstar is one of them. Rohit Roopchand – the chief executive officer of The Dandy Collection – describes the collective’s nearly year-old modern Indian restaurant best: “It’s a cinematic journey through India… For just a few hours, guests can feel like they’re part of a movie set in different parts of the country.”

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Indeed, every corner is a theatrical, made-for-the-’gram encounter with themed spaces such as the Old Railway Room and the Elephant Palace reason enough to keep coming back. However, there’s also the playful and hearty food (think Prata Waffle – a spin on chicken and waffles) and the staff’s dynamic conviviality, and – as with the silver screen – what you get is magic.

Credit:Stefan Khoo

Cotton poplin shirt; matching pants; leather sandals and Kelly Sellier 28 canvas and leather top-handle bag, Hermes. Acetate sunglasses, Oakley.


“With Firangi Superstar, we hope guests have a transported experience to India through our lens. The journey of the venue from the different rooms and spaces take you through different parts of India and that is the same with our take on food, which doesn’t conform to any particular norms of Indian food but
rather, you know, invokes memories of the familiar.”


“The design of Firangi was very intentional and purposeful, where each room tells a different story of India, like how the officers club with its deep hues of burgundy representative of the old British officer’s drinking holes. The Old Railway Room is reminiscent of the inside of a railway carriage including details such as the luggage racks, curtains and lamps and overhead fans. The Elephant Palace is reminiscent of the palaces of the maharajas, the ivory colours mixed with the blues and greens tie it all together in an opulent way. The Jungle Lodge is a view into the hunting lodges that exist. The hunting lodge uses dark greens and browns to tie it all in. EDG was behind both venues. Firangi’s tableware was all custom sourced.”


“Our most popular dish would be our Prata Waffle, which is an interesting take on flavours marrying north and south India and a playful representation of the popular American chicken and waffles. Coming close is the Tandoori Spiced Lamb, with its mix of spices and perfect cook. A well-balanced, robust nosh. I would definitely say The Indian Margherita is a hot favourite too. It’s a spin on the classic Margherita but with Indian flavourings and spices. I think they do well because they’re great dishes borne after rigorous research and development. It’s dedication, hard work and creativity on a plate and people pay attention to these things.”

Photography Stefan Khoo, assisted by Alif Styling Damian Huang, assisted by Tatiyana Emylia Hair EC Tan/1tto+Lim Makeup Sarah Tan, assisted by Vanessa Drea Coordination Noelle Loh, assisted by Gordon Ng Model Wu Xiaodan/Mannequin

A version of this article first appeared in the May 2022 Taste Edition of FEMALE