As a slow-living advocate, food stylist and owner of chic little vintage store Flea & Trees, Bella Koh – one of the seven most stylish food Instagrammers to follow in Singapore now – knows a thing or two about making a meal look tasty, beautiful, and yes, good on Instagram (just take a look at her own account @catslavery).

Here, she shares handy tips and tricks to creating your very own #foodporn:

1. Taste and smell are invisible.

“This means you need to tell the story of the dish visually. Using fresh, unique ingredients and colour helps you do that.”

2. Texture adds interest.

“A shot should not look flat; I often like to insert a raw, natural element to my shots to help me achieve this.”

3. Add a personal touch.

“Shooting with plants, flowers, personal objects like a book or sunglasses – or even with a pet – adds personality to your image.”

4. Lighting, lighting, lighting.

“I can’t stress this enough, but try and use natural lighting as much as possible. If you can use it to create areas of light and shadow, even better.”

5. Find meaning in the story you create.

“Whether you want to use a signature filter or background or you add an engaging caption, your feed should reflect your style.”


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