Yoga Jam

Who better than an ex-MTV VJ Denise Keller (she was ex-gymnast and has done 1,500 hours of yoga teacher training) to lead a class called Yoga Jam. Offered at Triple Fit, the Vinyasa-style yoga style class is done to new-age music with some easy-to-follow choreography to keep students energised. While it might sound a little daunting, the super flexible Keller inspires more than intimidates with her affable personality and positive attitude. What helps too is the music (she knows her tunes after all) and if all else fails, you’ll glean a few tips on how to pose with grace, something Keller is a pro at.

Infrared Heat Yoga

Think of this as an evolved version of hot yoga minus the suffocating heat. Jal Yoga’s Infrared Heat Yoga class is conducted in a studio space fitted out with FIR (Far Infrared Technology) panels on the ceiling so your body feels the heat – 35-36 degree celsius versus the hot yoga standard of 40.5 degrees – directly as you move through poses. The lower temperature does not compromise on the theraputic effects – improved blood circulation, alleviate aches and pains, increased flexibility – of “hot” yoga. In fact, it’s a lot more comfortable this way, think of it as an outdoor yoga session, minus the harmful UV rays. Another upside, no noisy hot air vents, so less distractions as you get yourself into your downward dog and tree poses. Jal Yoga also offers a range of classes (pilates, barre, aerial yoga) and is the only studio to teach Angamardana, a physically challenging fitness regime rooted in yoga from South India.

The Trip

Spin classes can be torturous for some, thankfully Pure Fitness’s new innovative Les Mills workout distracts riders in a pleasurable manner. Quite literally, a trip, this immersive spin class combines high energy music (you don’t get to escape this facet of Spin) and arresting visuals of steep glaciers, neon-lit city tunnels, and space age cities to keep you pedaling and “chasing rabbits. A full-on sensorial experience, beyond engaging your eyes, you’ll feel the subtle dips and highs, the curves round bends just enough to keep you distracted from the burn felt in your inner thighs and glutes.

HydroFit Series

As if exercise isn’t hard enough, try doing an adapted version of SUP yoga or HITT while balancing on a floating fitness mat in the middle of a swimming pool. The unusual fitness class, started by former national water polo players Lim Yao Xiang and Teh Chong Nyen, is a 360-workout experience that’ll give you the bonus of a tan while you’re at it. Depending on the class (Hydrofit Zen or Hydrofit Pump) participants go through a range of movements to strengthen stabalising muscles (the moving water helps to engage these) and overall functional strength through callisthenics movements like push ups, sit ups, and squats. For both, balance is key, so expect to engage your core, experience a few wobbles, and to have a lot of fun at the same time.

WeBarre Fundamentals

There’s a t-shirt at WeBarre’s reception that says: “Barre, Burn, Repeat”, consider yourself warned. This all-in-one workout is recommended for anyone looking to shape up their booty. We won’t lie, it’s hard (but effective) thanks to the combination of plies, passes and positions with resistance bands, rubber balls and focused core work (leg lifts, leg extensions). Done to a playlist of pop songs, some old (we remember ‘Kokomo’ playing), some new, the distraction is welcomed and keeps your mind off the burn felt in your glutes and inner thighs. WeBarre also offers a variety of hybrid barre classes, including pre natal and mums and bubs., also available on GuavaPass.