comme home charlotte wong founder
Founder Charlotte Wong advocates simple, clean design.

No two designs are alike.

“I wanted to bring something different into the market. I’ve always been in love with the story of marble – how it is a naturally occurring stone and how its veining is always different, making every piece truly unique. When you bring home a piece of Comme Home, you are bringing a piece of nature back home.”

Everything is handcrafted.

“Our raw marble is from Italy and it is 100% marble. There are many different types of marble, but this particular type spoke to me the most (because I like its) pure white colour with grey veining. The marble is hand-honed by stone masons and it’s a craft that has been passed down through generations and generations. Marble is a delicate stone, and getting to the final product is an intricate process. While machines can do part of the job, you need the dexterity and experience of human hands to get to the finished product.”

comme home marble tray
The rectangular trays ($63-$105) and cylinder ($42) are now available for pre-order on

They’re made to last.

“My goal was to create products that were basic, timeless and well-designed. I didn’t want to become part of an industry that is constantly chasing trends. I feel like we’re living in a “throw-away” society today and everything has become disposable. Many products are not made to withstand time nowadays. But when I was doing my Masters in Fashion Retail, I learnt about the Pareto Principle, where I learnt that customers crave the extra bells and whistles but they actually don’t need it, and creating something “basic” (and desirable) is actually very difficult. That’s where we step in. I Initially designed many other pieces that never made it to the final collection. What we launched, we edited and we re-edited (and finally decided on six items, ranging from a hexagonal-shaped board to a rectangular tray and a cylinder).”

comme home marble board
The brand’s most popular product: The hexagonal marble board ($49), which has been used for everything from displaying jewellery to serving as food platters.

And pieces are in high demand.

“Marble is a very expensive material, and that’s especially true for Comme Home because we decided to use high-grade marble for all our products. In the market, similar products are priced much higher, some even double or triple that of (what we’re retailing). However, I want to keep our prices ($49-$109) accessible because everyone deserves a place that feels like home. And so far, response has been really great. We are definitely moving pieces much faster than I had imagined. I’m in the midst of getting new stock in, and we’re going to be launching six new designs (next month).”

Styling inspiration

Here, a few creative ways to serve up your Christmas dinner with these chic marble pieces courtesy of the brand’s Instagram feed (@commehome):


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