The last we spoke to Chew Wei Shan aka Weish, one half of acclaimed indie-electronic duo .gif, she was in the midst of preparing to launch their long-anticipated second album, Hail Nothing. Compared to their seminal first album, Soma, Weish told us that their new works are going to be more aggressive and less serious – Nurudin Sadali (the other half of .gif) and Weish are occupying a more stable and matured space now, being constantly in collaboration with creatives across very diverse mediums, such as theatre and film.

As for what to expect from this sophomore effort, which drops tomorrow, April 24? “What Nurudin likes to say is if Soma is The Smiths, then our new stuff is more like Joy Division – more aggressive, more sure of itself and less lamenting the world but celebrating nonsense and absurdity. We’ve also delved deeper into dirty synths and analogue sounds,” explained Weish.

Catch Weish in a special live performance on our Instagram Live on April 24 at 9pm.

In the meantime, listen to the first single My Darling (above) from the nine-track album and remember to drop into our Instagram tomorrow for a special Live session with Weish at 9pm, where she’ll be playing a short set featuring tracks from Hail Nothing. Be there. Details as follows below: