An Hermes exhibition is always worth checking out in our books and the brand’s latest, titled Hermes Heritage – In Motion, focuses on something that’s intrinsic to its DNA: the ideal of travel, in all its multi-varied forms. Now that’s a topic as relevant now in 2019 as it was when Hermes was founded 182 years old ago. While technology betters design and function but the fundamental idea and desire to move from one place to another remains the same.

The exhibition will be showcasing some pretty rare objects. For example, there’s the Jeu des omnibus et dames blanches – Hermes’ very first scarf – that should be a real treat for any enthusiast. Other interesting objects that allude to travelling include a “hurricane storm-resistant smoking pipe”, an antique carriage, spill-proof glasses and bicycles. As always, Hermes’ signature humour is at play, even in antique designs; clock the whiskey flask that looks like a vintage camera, or the Kelly bag as a wooden rocking horse. The touring exhibition will only be in Singapore from May 11–19 at the brand’s Liat Towers boutique, and admission is free.