It might’ve moved to the Clarke Quay nightlife precinct last December, but Zouk Singapore has retained popular regular segments such as TGIW (a mid-week affair helmed by resident DJ Ghetto), Mambo Jambo (a mash-up of ’80s and ’90s party beats) and Solid Gold (think hip-hop, dancehall, trap).

Now, after settling down into its bigger (and bolder) space, the club recently announced two new regular nights – Escapade and Sessions at Phuture – to anchor its mid-week activities.


Escapade will take place on Wednesdays, whereas Sessions will happen every Thursday (a first for the club). Staying true to Phuture’s signature sound, both will feature hip-hop and R&B tracks, but with very different programmes.

Zouk’s newest resident DJ, DJ LeNERD, will helm Escapade with his trap hits and upbeat tunes. An upsized version of the segment, titled “Escapade: Overdrive”, will be held on every third Wednesday of the month, and promises to feature exciting surprise elements on these nights.

Sessions at Phuture, meanwhile, will feature budding local talents and DJs from the Zouk Academy, and will not be confined to one type of sound. First up this Thursday, 19 Jan: Holas, a pro at fusing metalcore, rock and funk, and Shai, who specialises in hip-hop R&B.


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