In an age where consumers are fixated on snapping Instagram-worthy shots and selfies, having a great quality smartphone camera is not just a plus, but a must. While we don’t claim to be photography pros, let’s just say we might be able to convince you that we are with Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. Furthermore, besides the phones’ sleek, lightweight design that fits into even the slimmest of handbags (the Plus – the bigger of the two – measures just 15.3cm by 7.4cm by 0.7cm), they also boast features that make millennial living even easier, and fun. Here, five reasons it’ll impress every modern, snap-happy user (we know, we tried them both ourselves).

  1. #1: They are the first phones in the world to have Leica lenses in front and on the back

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You might already be impressed by the Huawei Mate 9 smartphone, which also features dual lenses co-developed by Leica (one gives the resolution of a 12 mega-pixel colour camera, the other, that of a 20-mega pixel monochromatic camera). If that’s the case, be prepared to be blown away by the Ps. According to the brand, they are the first ever smartphones to be fitted with a complete set of lenses (read: on the front and back) also by the revered German camera specialist.


In fact the camera on the front is said to be the world’s first ever 8-mega pixel Leica lens with a new sensor that’s able to capture more light in dark environments. What this means: that selfie in the dark is still going to pick up on details and have a clearer, DSLR-like finish. Oh, yes did we add that it will automatically switch to a wide-angle mode to accommodate group selfies?

As for the camera on the back (you know, for when you’re taking photos of other people/things/places), it’s of the same technology as that on the Mate – enhanced. Continue reading and we’ll get to that.

  1. #2: They let you perfect the art of portraiture like a pro

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Like on Huawei Mate 9, the back of the P10 and P10 Plus feature dual lenses by Leica that guarantee crisp, clear photos that can rival that taken with a DSLR. Now imagine that combined with a first-of-its-kind in-built artistic imaging algorithm that enhances shots of people naturally. That’s the kind of portraits you’ll get with the Ps.

If you’re already dreaming of emulating Richard Avedon/Helmut Newton, here’s another first-time feature that’ll help you get there: the 3D facial detection technology that comes with said artistic imaging algorithm. What it does? Automatically enhance each photograph according to the lighting circumstances, so be in low light or harsh, overexposed daylight, you’ll get a good, clear shot sans editing.

#3: They let you capture really, really tiny details


Like the words that form a line across the top of every Singapore dollar bill (yes, they are actually words). Thanks to a technology Huawei dubs “hybrid zoom”, the P10 and P10 Plus allow users to zero in on details so miniscule, they’re usually almost invisible to the naked eye (and also not picked up by other smartphones). To do so while maintaining a clear – not blur – shot, make sure that the lens is physically no further than 7cm away from the subject. After that, feel free to zoom in as much as you want.

  1. #4: Huawei P10 Plus Dazzling Gold has a diamond-cut finish

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Before you start thinking tricked-out mobile phones for Chance The Rapper and every other bling-loving hip hop star, the Hyper Diamond-Cut Finishing we are talking about refers to the shape of the overlapping, millimeter-thick grooves across the entire rear panel of the phones. No, they don’t sparkle or add to the preciousness of the phones, but they do provide a better grip as well as a more brilliant look as the millimetre-level grooves recreate micro pyramid structures so the phone reflects light differently from different angles. For anyone who’s dropped – and lost – a smartphone due to slippery/careless fingers, you’ll know how priceless a feature like this is.

  1. #5: You can charge the battery to give you sufficient power for a full day’s use in just 30 minutes

Yes, never worry about leaving your home/office with hardly any battery juice – and no portable charger. The P10 and P10 Plus’ in-built SuperCharge technology allows you to charge your phone in approximately 30 minutes, which will last you a whole day of normal usage. For a full 100 percent charge, you will just need to charge it for an hour or less. Sorry, make that what portable charger?

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