ice-cream and waffles

The stretch in front of Sultan Mosque in Bussorah Street may be more famous for its Middle Eastern restaurants and shops selling flowing kaftans and accessories, but look a little closer and you will find a quaint, distinctly pastel-coloured ice-cream shop. Muslim-owned Lickety serves Hong Kong- or Macau-style egglet waffles, alongside 16 flavours of ice cream and milkshakes. Opened just last month by the folks behind Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro, the tiny ice-cream parlour has a similar modern Scandinavian aesthetic, but with more pops of colour.

As for its offerings, there are decidedly Asian flavours such as Mao Shan Wang durian, yam and gula melaka, but there are also more international combinations like Earl Grey and fig, and sea-salt caramel with almonds. There were just enough fig bits in the Earl Grey ice cream to complement the tea flavour, while the sea-salt caramel had just the right level of sweetness. Neither flavour was cloying.

Mango sorbet and lime lemon ice cream are the more refreshing flavours on the menu, while cotton candy bubble gum seemed to be a hit with the many children who were attracted to the store. Flavours are rotated every week, depending on how popular they are. While you can have the ice cream on its own (from $4.50 for one scoop to $12.90 for three scoops) or in a milkshake ($8.90), the Instagram-friendly egglet waffles are the real star of the show.

They are made to order and come in buttermilk, red velvet or a combination of both batters. With one scoop of ice cream, the waffles cost $8.90 and with two scoops, $11.90. The waffle itself is light and fluffy, but spongy enough to maintain its texture even after the ice cream melts. They are served in colourful paper cones that have a tearaway strip that makes it easier to access the waffle once you are halfway through it.

You can choose from a range of toppings, including chocolate and caramel sauces, crushed cones, marshmallows and Pocky biscuit sticks. I have to ditch the melted ice cream that forms a puddle at the bottom of the cone, in favour of finishing up the ice cream-soaked waffle. It would probably be less messy if served in a plastic cup. Either way, the ice cream and waffle combination is hard to beat and it helps that the service staff, led by owner Tasneem Noor, are delightful and always ready with recommendations.

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