1. Catch the first youth film competition dedicated to mental health


Earlier this year, we spoke to Cheryl Tan, the organiser behind the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival (SMHFF) on the state of mental health as it stands currently in Singapore. Though the second edition of the festival was slated to take place this year in February, it was postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. Tan is still going ahead with the screening of 10 special films made by young filmmakers that were originally planned as part of the festival as part of efforts to reach a vital group – youths. Each film explores the topic of mental health through disparate angles such as suicide and depression, caregivers, and dementia. The winning film will be screening during the opening night of the next SMHFF. Additionally, it will also be screened at the New York City Mental Health Film Festival and Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival in Toronto.

Catch the screening here this Saturday from 1.30pm.

2. Indulge in great music for a cause

Dream pop sensation Shye will be performing a set as part of the Music For A Cause festival – the line-up also includes some of today’s best musicians in the SG scene, including Charlie Lim, Lin Ying, Joie Tan, Afterhours, Dru Chen and more. Proceeds will go towards three groups: performing artistes, who have been particularly hard-hit thanks to the pause on all live events, hawkers, as well as frontliners. Tune in – but remember to donate too, if you’re in a comfortable position to do so.

Music For A Cause takes place on May 28 and May 29. Check out the full line-up here

3. Plant lovers, get tips from a maestro

Image courtesy of Humid House. Photography by Maritha Mae

The go-to florist in local circles for bizarrely beautiful assemblages is surely botanical design studio Humid House. This Friday, the studio’s creative director, architect-turned-florist John Lim, will be speaking on their unusual approach to botanical design and his relationship with nature. Judging from how Humid House is able to transform even the ordinary (such as onions from the market) into the fantastical – it’s proof that beauty is only limited by your own imagination. Get ready to take notes.

Register for the talk here. It takes place on May 29 at 8.30am.

4. Explore Mubi’s new library feature

If you’re not familiar with Mubi, think of them as super discerning film connoisseurs who run a film-streaming service. You might be tempted to think of them as the arthouse version of Netflix, but it works slightly differently here. For starters, they’re known for their 30 films for 30 days premise – they handpick 30 arthouse works from around the world that stream on the site for only 30 days, recreating that time-sensitivity you get with watching a film at the cinema. It’s akin to a very well-curated, selective menu – a haven for those who get overwhelmed by the innumerable choices over at Netflix. Now, however, Mubi has just added an additional feature with its new library which contains hundreds of previous selections. It is perfect for those who missed out on particular titles when they ran previously. The 30-day menu still stands – but it’s now complemented and boosted by this new library.


5. Take part in an interactive theatre production around the world

Yes, sorry for the titillating photo but it was to get your attention. Now, even if you’re not a theatre person, we wager this will intrigue you. Long Distance Affairs by New York-based outfit Juggerknot Theatre Company is a series of rather intimate 10-minute encounters, performed by 18 artists from six cities around the world, namely Singapore, New York, London, Paris, Miami and Madrid. These artists will perform for you alone or you can choose to interact with them in small groups across any of the six cities or if you so wish, all six cities.

Though we may still be under lockdown, this means you get a real glimpse into the lives of those living in say, New York, for example. Each encounter across the different cities varies wildly – it can be anything from a re-enactment of a first date to kick-boxing classes. And it also varies according to the audience, which means these theatrical performances do require solid participation on your end. Yes, it might sound terrifying but also possibly… fun?

Ongoing till May 30 at various times. Get your tickets here