japanese art shinro ohtake

Japanese multi-disciplinary artist Shinro Ohtake’s first exhibition here is entitled Paper-Sight. It opened September 25 and runs till November 5 at the STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery (41 Robertson Quay).


The exhibition came about after Ohtake took up a residency with STPI in 2015. Known for his mishmash of unconventional materials to create new artworks, the exhibition showcases some 30 large-scale pieces that Ohtake painted using a ladle instead of the typical paintbrush. How’s that for unconventional?


Neon yellow features prominently in this exhibition, referencing the colour of uranium and, at large, nuclear radiation – a topic that fascinates Ohtake, given his Japanese heritage and the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.


Other highlights include a 320-page sculptural scrapbook that consists of more than 160 individual artworks – a Shinro Ohtake signature; his Scrapbook series has been ongoing for nearly 40 years and he’s made 68 scrapbooks.


If you think 68 scrapbooks spread out over a time frame of 30 odd years isn’t very impressive, think again – each scrapbook range from 50 to over 800 pages and some of these take more than a year to complete. Free admission


Images: STPI

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