Japanese retailer Muji, best known for the minimalist esthetic of its homeware and clothing lines, will be opening its first branded hotel in China next week as part of an expansion plan into the hotel business.  Fans of the retailer’s minimalist Japanese concept will find the same aesthetic at Muji Hotel in in the bustling port city of Shenzen, under a general philosophy of well-being.

“Muji Hotel in Shenzhen is developed around a MUJI concept: walk as much as you can, wherever you can; eat well; sleep well; stay fit,” reads a press release.

Located close to the heart of the city in Guangdong Province in the UpperHills, the multi-use complex will house 79 rooms featuring repurposed traditional Chinese walls and pillars, a Muji store, and a diner, that will serve local foods inspired by home cooking. The store and restaurant will open on the same day.  An in-hotel library will also be stocked with a collection of 650 books themed after wellness along with a gym.  The “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap” design concept will be replicated at a second Muji-branded hotel in Beijing, slated to open March 20.

The Beijing location will be smaller with just 42 rooms. It will likewise house a retail spaceand restaurant.  Next spring, the same hotel concept will land in Tokyo’s posh Ginza district.

Muji is the latest company to make the transition from interior décor and furniture retailer to hotel development.  American brands West Elm and Restoration Hardware are also developing properties across the US, using the popularity of their brands as a jumping-off point.

This story first appeared on AFP Relaxnews

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