1. Hone your inner writer

There are only so many movies you can watch on Netflix before suffering screen time overload. Instead, why not try your hand at something active instead via this creative writing course organised by the Arts House? They’ve enlisted three literary luminaries – Melissa De Silva, Gwee Li Sui and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde – to conduct writing classes that alternately teach you how to channel humour in your writing and make sense of this disorientating period. Even if you’re not a writer, we’d say there are definitely some benefits to putting down your thoughts down on paper.

 May 16, 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm. More details here

2. Order a (virtual) bouquet

The latest addition to Singapore’s floral scene is this two-month-old outfit Fleur Khloris, which specialises in pairing exotic blooms alongside more unexpected ones such as chrysanthemums. But even more unusual is the fact that they’ve nimbly adapted to the coronavirus restrictions by illustrating their bouquets. Each illustrated bouquet starts from a very reasonable price of $20 (they’re all done by the owner herself). We have to say, it’s a total steal considering how they’re a gorgeous throwback to vintage illustrations that used to adorn magazines.

DM Fleur Khloris if you want a personalised virtual bouquet. 

3. Hit up a drums and bass gig

One of the best purveyors of drum ‘n’ bass in Singapore has to be Revision Music and they’re back this weekend with another signature gig featuring a line-up of both local and international DJs. Not familiar with the genre? Time to get acquainted then.

Tune in to their Twitch channel this Friday, May 15, from 4pm onwards.

4. Try your hand at an arty quiz night

Hear us out even if you have no background in the arts: homegrown art specialists Plural Art Mag takes pride in making the arts accessible to all; they dispense with the indecipherable art jargon so that everyone can enjoy the artworks plainly. Now they’re putting on a game night this Friday in the same accessible manner, encouraging art lovers of all levels to participate. P.S.: It’s a multiple-choice questionnaire and done in good fun, so why not consider joining?

The game night takes place this Friday, May 15, at 8pm on Zoom. Register here

5. Learn fashion secrets from a top model

The next guest for the Female Homies IG live series is none other than our May 2020 (and three-time) cover girl Layla Ong. She’s a favourite with Gucci and has walked multiple times for the Italian powerhouse and appeared in their campaigns – we called it when we said she’s a name to watch out for. As one of the most successful +65 models working today, tune in to get ProTips on how to work the camera like a model straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Female Homies session with Layla Ong takes place today at 5pm here