le salon

le salon
Chic aesthetics aside, Le Salon is meant to put the customer at ease, with founder Goh Ling Ling personally hosting each customer and delivering purchases to one’s doorstep at no extra cost.

Opened last August by veteran designer Goh Ling Ling along Chip Bee Gardens (#02-78, 43 Jalan Merah Saga), it’s – as Goh calls it – an “apartmentique”: a boutique-meets-apartment. Inside the homely space is a variety of eclectic brands that would appeal to the modern, fashion-loving boho: accessories specialist Dark Horse Vintage, contemporary jewellery label Alexandra Alberta, candle maker A Dose of Something Good and, of course, Goh’s own eponymous bag label. (PS: Fans of Wu can expect an eco-friendly line – which debuts later this year – made from plant-based materials that retain her simple yet sophisticated aesthetic.)

An out-of-the-box location

“(Wouldn’t it be great to have) an offering of different lifestyle products and underground brands spread out across different parts of Singapore? We need to see more stores taking the risk of setting up at an (unexpected) address and creating interesting environments (that excite) shoppers.”

Being discerning with Instagram

“We don’t post too often on our social media platforms because our ethos is quality over quantity… With so many things in your face all the time, I don’t like the idea of posting for the sake of posting. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it.”

Staff as brand ambassadors

“Now, you enter a store and are greeted by inexperienced sales staff who (often) have no connection to the products or the brand. (This needs to change as) people are now buying less yet better (online) and the conventional way of shopping is dying.”

This story first appeared in Female’s June 2018 print issue.