Debbie Chia has been DJing since 2004 and is also co-owner of the label Midnight Shift. From 2008-2012, she was founder and co-organiser of the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp. She is also a Red Bull Music Academy alumna (2005) and has played in cities like Beijing, Hong Kong and South Korea.

What’s are some great surefire tracks to get them dancing?  “Something discoey or breaky works for me. When things start to get serious I play Pleasure Pump > Fantasize Me (Dub).”

Information Society > What’s On Your Mind (The 54 Mix) “Another favourite that’s always in my crate.”

Which song deserves more love than people give?  “Julien H Mulder > Won’t Say Nothing. A track from my label Midnight Shift.”

Which DJs are you digging at the moment?  “So far, Omar-S is my number one inspiration.”

Tapirus, an artist from our label, also an inspiration.”

“And Surgeon is the habitual symbol manipulator.”

What’s a great house (home) party track?  “Janet Jackson > What Have You Done For Me Lately. Everybody loves Janet.” 

What’s your most recent buy?  Nami Shimada & Soichi Terrada > Sunshower. Simply a Japanese summer jam.”

Which classic never gets old?  “Metro Area > Miura. Always happy when I get to play this at the right moment.”

What’d you play at a wedding party that you usually don’t?  “I have yet to play at a wedding party, but this was in my wedding’s playlist.”

Skyy > Here’s to You

What’s the perfect end-of-night song?  “Kate Bush > Cloudbusting. It’s like a glimmer of light after a long dark night.”

 Debbie Chia plays Kilo Lounge on April 25, and will be on Lush 99.5FM (8pm) on May 9. Listen to her mixes at Soundcloud.