Singaporean Reiki was a vinyl-collector who stumbled upon hard hops and nu-skool breaks at the tail-end of the 90s. Her style of DJing gradually developed, resulting in a wide gamut of musical genres in her sets and cemented her a place in London’s Point Blank’s Top Female DJs and Ones To Watch for 2012.

With a knack for dropping tunes that heat up the floors, she has performed alongside international DJs Storm, General Midi, Krafty Kuts, SBTRKT + Sampha and beatboxer, live looping artist, Dubfx. In addition to that, her style attracted fashion apparels ranging from Adidas, Warehouse, Juicy Couture, Heist & Feist, Bally as well as scored her pro-audio endorsement deal with, AKG headphones and Denon DJ gear. Catch her at Off The Rails, Sat, May 23.

What’s are some great surefire tracks to get them dancing? “One for early hour and the other, as and when the DJ sees fit.” 

Sol*Selectas > Up All Night (Nadastrom 98 Re-Fix)

 Pharrell Williams > Happy (Makoto 170 Edit) 

Which song deserves more love than people give?  “Our SG electronica talents are often under-rated in the music press, so here’s one of my personal favourites.”

Octover > Satisfy

Which DJs are you digging at the moment?  “I haven’t been checking out DJ sets these days since I spend more time towards the production side of things. So I’ll name those performances that I have caught years ago which blew my mind with their fun music selection or stage presence: GasLamp Killer for his theatrical performance, DJ Nu-mark for his toy set performance.” 

Gaslamp Killer

DJ Nu-Mark

What’s a great house (home) party track?  “This bizarre South African rap-rave group is my latest guilty pleasure! It’s interesting to see how they use modern art and discarded rave elements to draw in new audiences. “

Die Antwoord > Fatty Boom Boom (explicit lyrics)

What’s your most recent buy?  “I always respect the Japanese’s devotion to foreign culture. It’s also the first time I ever caught a Japanese artist Papa U-Gee singing reggae, so it was fascinating. After his acoustic performance at the Singapura Dub Club, I broke my no-more-vinyl rule again and bought his 7-inch records at Straits Records.” 

Which classic never gets old?  “This Irie Sunday-vibe tune!”

What’d you play at a wedding party that you usually don’t?  “Lana del Rey’s Young and Beautiful.”


What’s the perfect end-of-night song?  “The spaced-out melodies from Sinking bring you to dreamland.” 

Catch DJ Reiki on May 23 at Off The Rails. More on Jean Reiki at + Facebook +

Also check out her current releases:

Krickz > Vortex (Jean Reiki Remix) on Fresh Bloc Records and Mindport EP on Bandcamp  Dj Reiki Playlist

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