Chef Mauro Collegreco of Mirazur must really love Singapore, especially after being crowned the best restaurant in the world here in 2019.

The chef-patron of the highly-awarded restaurant (three Michelin stars and number one on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list) will be launching his second project in Singapore very soon: a three-month-long pop-up of Mirazur. Carne, Collegreco’s farm-to-table burger concept, launched here earlier this year.

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The Mirazur residency will be happening at the Mandala Club, the rebranded Straits Clan following an acquisition by real estate and lifestyle group Mandala – whose properties include The Yotei in Niseko; and Oxwell & Co. and Operation Dagger in Singapore.

It’s not just a brief snippet of the full Mirazur experience either. A large portion of Collegreco’s restaurant team will be transplanted here – he’ll be here himself for a period too – to take over Kin and Clan Cafe.

Across the span of three months, four separate versions of Collegreco’s signature Lunar menus will be presented, “driven by nature and aligning with the moon’s cycles”.

Credit:Mandala Club

The outdoor facade of The Mandala Club.

If that sounds all very Steiner-esque, it is. Mirazur showcases fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs that are biodynamically-farmed in its own hillside garden – and harvested at their peak according to the lunar cycles.

To reflect this, a huge portion of the building’s first floor will be transformed. Clan Cafe will be a “lunar garden lobby” featuring moon-like textures, reflective surfaces, and soft turf to recall the glimmering sea and terraced gardens of Mirazur. Meanwhile, the main dining room at Kin will be turned into a botanical wonderland.

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Says Collegreco, “In today’s urban societies, we are increasingly distanced from a regular relationship with nature…Bridging the gap between our current lifestyles and our need to reconnect with life cycles is what inspires us the most in our daily work. I’m very excited for my team, who will be able to offer a unique experience to guests with Mandala Club.”

Credit:Matteo Carassale

A lamb confit served with a mille-fueille of leaves and seaweed.

There’ll be a six-course menu for lunch and nine-course menu for dinner. Four iterations will be presented: Roots, Leaves, Flowers and Fruits. Expect dishes like lamb confit a mille-feuille of salad leaves and seaweed; as well as The Dark Side of the Moon, an umami-laden, monochromatic plate of fish, black garlic, and liquorice.

While bookings are open to the public, members are given priority. Reservations for the Leaves, Flowers and Roots (running May 14 to July 18) menus are open now; reservations for the Fruits menu (July 20 to August 11) will be announced soon.

More details for reservation and joining the waitlist at the Mandala Club website