Moss Speakers House Party Playlist 2

Nik Lee is an award-winning British audio designer based in Singapore. His range of Picadilly speakers are now sold in UK’s Conran Shops as well as Supermama, Kapok, W Hotel and The Foundry here.

1.   Ewert and The Two Dragons > In The End There’s Only Love

“This is my feel good pick.”


2. James > Curse Curse

“The biggest, most absolutely colossal anthem of 2014.”


3. A-ha > Take On Me

“An ’80s classic that everyone knows.”


4. The Lemonheads > Mrs. Robinson

“A sing-along classic, revived this year in The Wolf Of Wall Street.”


5. Reptile Youth > Shooting Up Sunshine

“New Year is all about being happy, and this is the ultimate happy song.”


6. Fatboy Slim > Right Here, Right Now

“An awesome party track. Plus a lesson in evolution in under four minutes!”

 Moss Speakers House Party Playlist 1

The Picadilly Buetooth speakers are made with natural acrylic and each pumps out 3 watts of solid sound

7. Robert DeLong > Global Concepts

“My EDM choice.”


8. Jamie T > Zombie

“My favorite upbeat song of 2014.”


9. The Prodigy > Out of Space

“The best song to take your brain to another dimension.”



10. Band of Skulls > Hoochie Coochie

“Brand new music from the Southampton trio – I can’t stop clicking repeat! Hoochie Coochie is the latest and greatest single from their third album Himalayan.”


11. Alphaville > Big in Japan

“Another ’80s classic that everyone knows and loves.”


You can read about and buy Picadilly Speakers (US$119, S$157) at Moss Audio