Our monthly round-up of what to watch on Netflix September 2019’s highlights include people stranded on deserted islands (yes, very Lost) and the return of Gwyneth Paltrow to acting.

The Politician

netflix september 2019 what to watch

What it’s about: A dark comedy focusing on the ambitions of rich white student Payton Hobart, who is convinced he’s going to be POTUS some day (President of the United States) but until then, he has to conquer high school first.

Who’s in it: The Politician is created by Brad Falchuk (aka the new Mr Gwyneth Paltrow), who reportedly managed to convince the Goop queen to return to acting as the mother to POTUS hopeful Payton (Ben Platt), while rising names such as Lucy Boynton and Zoey Deutch star as his political rivals.

Why watch it: The show brilliantly satirises the comedy central that is US politics right now – a line from the trailer references the Trump lie that he only lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US elections due to voter fraud. If anything, The Politician looks to be a fun way for those who don’t care to get inducted on the depths politicians will sink to in order to get ahead.

When it’s available: September 27


netflix september 2019 what to watch

What it’s about: Based on real cases, Unbelievable recounts the rape of teenager Marie Adler in her own home. Adler makes a police report – only to encounter doubt from the authorities that the crime actually happened. Elsewhere, two female detectives located in different states investigate evidence that could reveal the truth.

Who’s in it: Adler is played by Kaitlyn Dever, who was last seen in Beautiful Boy while the Emmy-winning actresses Merritt Wever and Toni Colette (last seen in 2018’s most talked-about horror flick, Hereditary) stars as the detectives.

Why watch it: Even in 2019, the majority of sexual assault cases are not reported – due to a multitude of reasons – but one common factor is the blame/shame factor, where victims are blamed for the rape happening at all. Such crap needs to be demolished.

When it’s available: September 13

The I-Land

netflix september 2019 what to watch

What it’s about: Think of The I-Land (geddit?) as the 2019 update to Lost. Here’s the premise – 10 strangers wake up on an island with their memories wiped and must band together to survive its various traps.

Who’s in it: The show is produced by Kate Bosworth, who also appears as one of the main characters, while other notable names include Alex Pettyfer from Magic Mike.

Why watch it: Good looking folks stranded on an island that’s out to kill them? Add a delicious mockery of the disastrous Fyre Festival (check out the ingenious trailer) and you’ve got us hooked.

When it’s available: September 12