Its name: The Bizarre Honour. The items on display: Over 300 natural objects and artefacts unearthed during Singapore’s colonial era and more contemporary times.

Conceptualised by a group of Singapore artists in collaboration with Oh! Open House (an annual installation that challenges artists to create art in existing spaces), the 2,000 sq ft-wide terrace house is the site of a fictitious institution that aims to explore Singapore’s relationship with nature, and provide an alternative view of our nation’s history at the same time.


Expect to be alternately amused and intrigued with the museum’s diverse displays, from colonial photos to taxidermied animals and topical field equipment – all of which were items collected by the afore-mentioned group of Singapore artists over a period of 15 years.

Their names are intentionally kept private, which co-founder Alan Oei says is a way for museum-goers to focus on “the experience, not the brand or the ‘oeuvre’. It’s just you, the exhibits, the live experiments (and how you make sense of it all)”.

Contrary to the massive art fairs happening this month (check out these hot Asian artists at Art Stage), only two visitors are allowed in to The Bizarre Honour at any one time. And unlike a typical art event, there will not be any labels tagged to each artwork or artefact. Your only means of understanding what you see: An 80-page-long dossier that contains memos, photographs and information on the exhibits.

If you’re fond of interactive art installations and experiential works, don’t miss this. $45, running Fridays (6:30pm-9pm) to Sundays (10am-8pm) from Jan 13-22. Buy tickets here 


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