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There is a new space in Singapore for art aficionados to check out – the Parkview Museum Singapore opens its doors with the global art exhibition, ‘On Sharks and Humanity’. With a strong focus on contemporary art, the museum will host solo and thematic exhibitions showcasing both local and international artists.

museum singapore
Board, propylene, silk mesh & transparent acrylic, 300 x 200 cm, Liu Zining (US, 2014)

‘On Sharks and Humanity’ is a thematic, travelling exhibition that has previously shown in Monaco in 2014, and in Moscow and Beijing in 2015. Showcasing the works of artists from countries such as Singapore, Germany and the United States, the exhibition relates the stories of the practice of shark finning and the resulting impact on the oceans, and efforts in shark protection and marine conservation.


Located on the third floor of Parkview Square, the museum spans an impressive 15,000 square feet. The Parkview Group previously opened its first museum in Beijing in 2014, and the Parkview Museum Singapore will follow its predecessor’s footsteps with the aim of enriching the local arts scene and promoting contemporary art in Singapore.

museum singapore
Evolution. Stainless steel, 328 x 183 x 179 cm, Gao Xiaowu (2014)

‘On Sharks and Humanity’ runs now to 26 June 2017, Parkview Museum Singapore, Parkview Square Level 3, 600 North Bridge Road. Admission is free.


Main image: Downward force on upward moving objects. Lacquer, stainless steel & regular steel, 834 x 258 x 370 cm, Wang Luyan (2015)

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