DJ Zig Zach, who runs regular Blackout nights at KYO and Kilo, and is resident DJ at the Super O parties, unveils his musical treasures.

What are some great surefire tracks to get them dancing?  “Music questions are always tough for me, ‘cos I have like thousands of tracks! I’d say these two have been big for me in 2014.”

&Me > After Dark.  “One of the biggest track for 2014. Great moody vocals and big drums on this track. Always gets a big reaction everytime I drop it.”

Paolo Rocco > People Say (Nic Fanciulli Remix).  “Love this track. Always gets the room moving. And if they’re still not moving… Something is wrong with them.”

Which song deserves more love than people give?  “Hmmm, there are soooo many underrated tracks, I was recently listening to this again, Bush > Letting The Cables Sleep (Nightmare On Wax). When you hear the original, you’re always amazed at what some remixers can bring to a track – giving it a different vibe and feel.”

Which DJs are you digging at the moment?  “Bonobo. This guy is just all class. Saw him for Sunset in Bali and couldn’t have asked for a better day out. I never get bored of his album The North Borders.”

“Also David August. I saw him do a live performance in Ibiza in 2013 with a laptop keyboards and it was unreal. And when he played at the Boiler Room last year, it was probably the mix of 2014 for me.”

David August > Boiler Room Set

“And Eric Volta. I been following him for a long while now, and had the honour of opening for him in Bali a week ago. He just never fails to amaze me. His track selection and his mixing is just so brilliant and mindblowing! Check out his Burning Man or Boiler Room set – it’s a massive influence on me.”

Eric Volta > Boiler Room Set

What’s a great house party track?  “I like after hours house parties where you kick back and just chat and chill with people and listen to music. Slower, techier music is always my weapon of choice. This track for me sounds like a soundtrack for some space odyssey movie or manga cartoon. So beautiful.” 

Roman Flugel > Wilkie  

What’s your most recent buy?  “My buddy Danny Fry opened our Blackout party with this track and it catapulted me back to being on the beach at ZoukOut in December when Maya Jane Coles played. Amazing track! Love how music can do that crazy thing to you.” 

Maya Jane Coles > From The Dark

Which classic never gets old?  “I’ve dropped this in the opening, middle and late part of my sets and it just always works. This was made over 20 years ago and it’s still one hell of an amazing track.”  

Jaydee > Plastic Dreams

What’d you play at a wedding party that you usually don’t?  “Funny enough, I went to a wedding once and they probably had on a random selection of music but I heard Queen’s I Want To Break Free, and George Michael’s Freedom…. Great songs but yeah, not the most appropriate for two people who plan on being together forever. Haha. I’m not much of a wedding DJ and would make a horrible one, but if I had to…” 

Bill Withers > Lovely Day.  “Just a classic. He was one hell of a talented man. Says everything you need to say about a wedding day.”

Chris Malinchak > So Good To Me. “Something current without being too tacky ha!”

What’s the perfect end-of-night song?  “Just listen to Aphex Twins’ Window Licker – it’s pure genius!”

DJ Zig Zach will be playing at Super 0 Openair on Jan 17. We will have more info on Super 0 Openair later this week.