Grab A Seat At Potters’ Table For An Artisanal Private Dining Experience

by Keng Yang Shuen  /   May 24, 2022

Eng Chun Pang and Yong Wen Yeu began their artisan journey through their ceramic label &Natural six years ago before starting private dining business Potters’ Table at the end of 2020. We paid the duo a visit at the new abode of their tasteful culinary experience.

To us, private dining is not just about the food. Instead, we see it as an experience that provides insight into the homeowners’ way of thinking and living, how they’ve designed their space, and how all of that is translated into the food,” says Eng Chun Pang.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 32-year-old has a background in graphic design and is one-half of the ceramic label &Natural, which has earned commissions by the likes of Odette for its elegant and artful tableware.

Credit:Phyllicia Wang

A meal with Potter’s Table is not just about enjoying the grub, but also the craft of ceramics. Everything is plated on their earthy tableware and guests can visit their pottery studio, located in a room next to the dining area in their charming walk-up apartment.

His partner Yong Wen Yeu – also graphic design-trained – forms the other half of the six-year-old pottery outfit and the aforementioned “us”. At the tail end of 2020, the pair started Potters’ Table, a private dining operation founded on their love for cooking, entertaining and craft. Recently, it revealed a new address after Eng and Yong moved into an old walk-up apartment in the Woodleigh Park neighbourhood last month.

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The pad is outfitted in warm wood tones and a mish-mash of second-hand and vintage furniture – the Japandi influences are unmistakable, but tempered with the perfect sprinkling of tropical rustic charm. The resulting atmosphere is breezy, tranquil and invitingly cosy.

That pastoral chic MO translates to Eng’s self-taught dishes that spotlight Southeast Asian ingredients and cooking methods – something he says is often under-appreciated here (Yong handles front-of-house duties). One of his signature creations is the striking cigar-shaped chargrilled otak-otak made with yellowtail and prawn and wrapped in wild pepper leaves. With the use of paprika, the “cigar” is made to look lit (visually and figuratively) atop a bed of coconut yoghurt and charcoal powder that gives the appearance of ash.

Credit:Phyllicia Wang

Potters’ Table recently moved into an old walk-up apartment in the Woodleigh Park neighbourhood in April 2022.

Everything is served on &Natural’s earthy ceramic crockery (think cups speckled like eggshells or bowls hand-carved to resemble acorns), subtly driving home the duo’s message that a good meal should heartily engage all senses. Guests can even visit their pottery studio on-site to learn about how their wares are crafted (the guys have their very own electric kiln).

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Industry insiders who have had the chance to dine at Potters’ Table have taken to raving about not just the food, but also its exceptional warmth. As far as models for slow and considered living go, here’s an unaffectedly eloquent example.

Photography Phyllicia Wang Direction Keng Yang Shuen Grooming Sarah Tan

A version of this article first appeared in the May 2022 Taste Edition of FEMALE