Food trends have gradually changed throughout the years. Today, many are opting to eat healthily in order to feel good about themselves and keep their weight in check, leading to a boom in the health and/or organic food industry. Superlife Co. is the latest to join the trend and is said to be the first and only all Quinoa company in Asia.
We speak to Founding Director Valerie Chai, on why she started this company and the food trends amongst millennials.

1. Why did you decide to start up this company?

Valerie Chai (VC):  I am the founding director of starCresto Education group and I overworked and burnt out a few times over the past decade. Hence, I decided to take a break around 4 years ago by going overseas to build up my health. My superfoods journey started in the States where I realised that healthy can be tasty too. They have such tasty quinoa bowls that I craved for them almost daily. I realised that I became a lot healthier and more productive ever since I went on a rice-free, quinoa diet along with other superfoods like cacao and chia seeds. I wanted to bring the idea that tasty and healthy can co-exist togetherto Singapore. By replacing our meal with nutritious food, it leads to not just a healthier lifestyle but a sustainable super life. Hence, Superlife Co was born.

2. Why Quinoa? Why did you think there was a need for this in Singapore? 

VC: After benefiting from superfoods, I got my family and friends into the superfoods diet too. I realised that the biggest impact on their health among the superfoods is quinoa since it is a staple replacement and there’s so much versatility in cooking them. Quinoa is one of the healthiest rice replacement (even better than brown rice) since it is low in GI, high in complete protein, high in fibre, Vitamin B2 etc. Most importantly, I find quinoa really tasty.



3. What are some of the food trends among the millennial crowd and how does Superlife cater to them?

VC: Millennials are more aware and health conscious. They read widely and they love their food. They need their food to taste good. They also love transparency about food ingredients and benefits.
They have seen the repercussion of bad diets and with better education, higher awareness and trends from overseas, there’s definitely an increasing number of millennials who actively look for products like ours to meet their needs of having healthier and yet tasty meals.

4. What do you think millennials look out for in terms of choosing their foods?

VC: Taste, convenience, healthier choices and affordable food.

5. Where are some of the best places in Singapore to get Quinoa?

VC: Well, if you ask me, I will say Superlife Co!