samsung galaxy z flip

In 2009, I took a major style cue from Cher Horowitz (hello, clueless) and jumped on the flip phone train. My very first one was a hot pink clamshell phone – purely because there was something extra satisfying about flipping open my phone to reply a text and dramatically hanging up on someone by slamming it shut. Priorities, right? 

And while clamshell phones have taken a backseat in the past decade, phone companies are starting to revisit the idea of bringing the style back. Cue the Samsung Galaxy Z flip – a smartphone that comes with all the makings of a fashionable, nostalgia-inspired gadget that ’90s-lovers won’t be able to resist. Think: a pearly, iridescent sheen complete with a playful, bubble-like exterior.

samsung galaxy z flip
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip drops in stores this Friday and retails at $1,998.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s compact design makes it perfect for stashing in pockets and small bags – but don’t be fooled by its size; the phone opens up to a full 6.7-inch touch screen, and closes with that same satisfying snap.

And just like our favourite old-school flip phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip gives you real time notifications through its exterior display (a feature we haven’t seen in a while), right next to the camera. The screen allows for you to snap pictures while your phone is shut. Talk about a quick, discreet selfie.

It also has the ability to stand upright, all with a little angling – so you can say goodbye to clunky tripods. Photo opportunities and video calls will now be much easier without having to prop your phone in precarious positions. And with the split screen function, multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning. Think having a video call on the top half while you have your notes typed out on the bottom half of your phone. While this function isn’t unfamiliar to Samsung phones, the hands-free setting makes it much easier for you to get things done.

If a flip phone isn’t your vibe, Samsung’s also dropped the new S20 series, with three new devices – the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

samsung galaxy z flip
(From left) Samsung Galaxy S20, $1,298, Samsung Galaxy S20+, $1,498, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, $1,898

With an ultra-zoom of up to 100x, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is great for concert and festival pics. Plus with the launch of its 5G network, you’ll have the fastest phone on the block. Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S20 are already open, so we’d get on it fast.

Maybe the future really is now, with an added touch of a throwback.