Complete with archives of his previous works and a series of collectibles that inspire him, check out Singaporean artist Jahan Loh at work in a pop-up studio at Ion Art Gallery (Level 4 Ion Orchard) from Feb 18 to Mar 2. Titled B-Side and Rarities (the name is a reference to the bonus side of phonograph albums, which are often overlooked), the space is a replica of Loh’s actual workspace, and aims to give visitors a peek into the mind of an artist.


Loh began as a street artist in the ‘90s, making a name for himself through his graffiti art. His paintings are a mash-up of street art, contemporary art and pop culture. With subjects ranging from cartoon characters like Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse to intergalactic superheros and Andy Warhol-inspired Ma Ling luncheon meat cans, Loh’s bold, large format works are often brightly coloured. “Art has always been the heart of design, fashion and pop culture, but not many are aware of how evident its influence is”, he says.


Alongside his paintings (they range in price from $9,800 to $43,000), there’ll be a selection of merchandise like sneakers and apparel to buy. And it isn’t just a voyeuristic exercise: Visitors can also assist in creating a piece of installation art, which will then be completed by Loh.

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