It’s been a great week for film buffs, what with the Singapore International Film Festival currently taking place (still a few days left!). But if you can’t make it down in person, there’s always Netflix to count on, with its smorgasbord of offerings to choose from.

While there are all the pop culture hits such as Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but for those who prefer more indie works like us, here are our recommendations:

#1: Shirkers

Anyone even remotely interested in film should already have caught Shirkers, the documentary by local filmmaker Sandi Tan that chronicles the amazing saga behind the absconding of the footage of the original film Tan made back in 1992 (also titled Shirkers), by director Georges Cardona — and how the footage was returned to Tan more than 20 years later. You’d think this sounds more like well, a film plot but, it’s all too real.

#2: The Fundamentals of Caring

Starring Paul Rudd of Ant Man fame as a caregiver to a teen afflicted with muscular dystrophy and Selena Gomez as a disenchanted runaway (aren’t they all), The Fundamentals of Caring is a comedy slash drama slash road flick that’s all about forming unexpected bonds and friendships in places where you least expect them.

#3: I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Centred around a nursing assistant (Ruth) who realises she’s been burgled of some precious mementos (including her late grandmother’s silverware), she throws off her life of mundane passiveness — after the police refuses to help — and goes after the burglars with the help of neighbour Tony, the latter played by Elijah Wood. It soon spirals out of control in this pursuit for revenge.

#4: 6 BalloonsPrecautionary tales on the perils of drug abuse are on the rise (Beautiful Boy, anyone?) and 6 Balloons is one of the latest. It stars Dave Franco as the addled lead, with sister Katie, an exacting Type-A personality, trying her best to help him quit his heroin addiction.