What is the Singapore Art Book Fair, you ask? It’s basically a book fair with an art-based bent – so while you might not be able to find, say, Harry Potter there, you can expect scores of interesting illustrations and small, independent publications that deal with the most esoteric of topics. All lovingly and whimsically designed, of course.

singapore art book fair 2017

Back for the fourth edition, this year will see the beloved event decamping to 7 Lock Road at Gillman Barracks instead of last year’s ArtScience Museum, where more than 8,000 people attended. It may deal with indie wares but make no mistake, it’s one of the premiere events in the Singapore landscape for those who love good design and the written word.

Organised by the good folks over at indie book store champion BooksActually, the fair opens this Thursday night, 27th April and will run till 30th April. Entry is free. Here, we take a look some of the highlights:

#1: There will be more than 30 local and international exhibitors

singapore art book fair 2017

Expect to see well-loved names like family art collective Holycrap.sg, rising art photographer Robert Zhao and design studio/retailer of Japanese wares Supermama, alongside fresh faces such as the folks behind new indie magazine SAND and illustrator Pearlyn Sim.

There will also be exhibitors from Japan, UK, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong – in short, it’s a smorgasbord of excellent design and you will probably find something to your liking.

#2: Learn how to make a sticker, magazines, terrariums, and even calligraphy with… flowers?

For those who can’t make it down on opening night, there will be various workshops held on the weekend and we are most intrigued by floral studio Poptsie Paper Co, who will apparently be marrying the art of calligraphy with flowers. As a flower lover myself, I can’t wait to see this workshop in action.

For more details on the workshops, visit here.

#3: Enjoy live music and on-the-spot poems customised for you

singapore art book fair 2017

singapore art book fair 2017

Opening night will see up-and-coming dream-pop singer Kelly Raphaelle performing at 7pm. The pastel-haired songstress reminds us of another slyph with similar locks – model Fernanda Ly, a regular on the Louis Vuitton runways.

Another act that is always a hit with the crowd is Proletariat Poetry Factory – a poets’ collective comprising of 20 or so local poets, who sit behind old-school typewriters and churn out a one-of-a-kind poem for you based on a key word you suggest.

What’s more adorable, they’re all dressed in flame-orange jumpsuits stitched with the words “Servile Poet” – hence the name of their collective, presumably.

Of course, don’t go expecting them to churn out a poem immediately – creative juices take time to flow after all – and in return for your customised piece of art (after 20 minutes or so), all they ask for is a donation of any amount. Sounds fair enough to me. We’ll see you there.

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Main image: Proletariat Poetry Factory Facebook page