Fashion and art collaborations are a common sight these days but a new art show is looking to explore the possibilities when artists of pointedly different disciplines cross-pollinate, so to speak.

singapore artists you should know racy lim
A film still from Later

Later is both a multimedia group show as well as a film screening by the same name. The latter is an 18 minute short film that follows an artist in her twenties who has just quit her day job, and the unclassifiable relationships (and non-relationships) around her.

The film features a cast of five artists, comprising of electronic musician Theemptybluesky, dancer Isabel Phua, visual artists Ben Yap and Lim Jun Cheng and film director Sal Seah. The same five cast members are also the artists behind the accompanying group show, which will present both an installation as well as a performance inspired by this excerpt from the film:

“… That’s the only way we’ll grow.

When the writers stop hanging out

with the writers

and the dancers also paint

and the painters also act

and there’s somewhere they can all

go to find each other and just

chill. Discuss ideas. And then do a

pop-up event or a group show or something.

The scene here needs that.

Otherwise it’s as good as death.”

singapore artists you should know racy lim
A film still from Later.

We all have tendencies to surround ourselves with the like-minded from our fields and that’s a danger in itself – it forms an echo chamber. We have no idea how this art show will turn out but if anything, it’s an interesting premise that could be a prelude to an expanded vibrancy in the local art and creative landscape – and that’s always worth supporting.

In addition, kult kafe will set up a special pop-up bar within the gallery – so even if you’e not all that into art, why not pop by for a drink in an unusual set-up?

Later will take place Aug 2 – 3, 7.45pm – 10pm at kult, 11 Upper Wilkie Road.