The Singapore Biennale is one of the biggest contemporary art events on the local calendar (the last round saw more than 600,000 visitors) and it returns for its sixth edition come year-end, from November 22 to March 22. Now it’s really early yet and details are still relatively scant, but here’s an early heads-up to the major talking point of the Biennale.

This edition of the Biennale is titled Every Step in the Right Direction, which will see exploration of artistic themes “common to our human conditions and the catalytic role ‘hope’ plays in pushing for change”. It might sound a tad amorphous, but thankfully, the upcoming Biennale appears to want to address the current dire state of the world (environmental, political —take your pick) using contemporary art as its medium to do so.

Funeral (Still 1). Image: Vandy Rattana

“It may be said that the world is troubled. To sense such a state of flux is to acknowledge the situation and begin to face it. For Singapore Biennale 2019: we ask — what is the possibility of art, the artist, and the audience in light of this trouble? What is the responsibility of the artwork, its making, and its experience in the prospects of future action?” says Patrick Flores, artistic director of this year’s Biennale.

Zai Tang — Escape Velocity II. Image: Tuckys Photography

Now, the press release says the Biennale “offers a sustainable, self-renewing project of change”, but no other details are offered at this point in time. We can only hope it means that artworks will prioritise eco-friendly materials and methods and, more importantly, provoke people into becoming more responsible.

Check back for more updates.