By now, you’re probably missing those EDM beats that you used to drown in on Friday nights. With the night clubs still closed, resuming your weekly rave sessions to relieve stress seems like a plan that’s long gone.

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Enter F for Fantastic, a virtual event by Red Kite Music and the National Arts Council. The virtual rave will feature locally-known DJs like Ginette Chittick, Aresha, and A/K/A Sounds.

But it’s not just about beats and music. The event is a celebration of art and sound that reflects the Singaporean culture.

It will also be hosted by the bubbly Roz Pho and she will be bringing viewers close-up banter with the featured artists. Visual artist Clarrot will be adding a touch of psychedelia with her groovy visual backgrounds.

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Other than that, expect to be wowed by a special performance by The Analog Girl as she will be opening the event with her synth-pop beats.

Aiming to transport you to a sonorous realm of fun and jubilance, while in the comfort of your home, the event will be hosted on Twitch on Sept 19.

Register here for the event supported by National Arts Council, under the #SGCultureAnywhere initiative.