The work

“This is a still from a video that I’m working on, currently titled Alive Stream. It’s inspired by guided meditation videos and how most of them stem from a connection to something larger. Most often these videos feature meditation journeys based in natural settings like forests and bodies of water. (My video is meant to show how in times of a circuit-breaker or lockdown), when we can’t connect to such elements, what we do have are simulations from various media that can provide us similar comfort.”

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On the disruption of current projects, and working around it

While I can’t give out any details, I have had some work postponed or cancelled and some that have needed some reconfiguration. That said, I’m not entirely worried about the disruption, and I’d ask whether there is an urgency in putting it out there and if time will change the work we intended to show. 

“A good number of rules and constraints create ideal conditions for art. Total freedom only begets procrastination.” – Divaagar

So far, it’s been a reimagining of the delivery of the works. I think there’s an emphasis now to revamp and repackage our products, and how that changes with our situation. If possible, how do we rethink the way our art can be translated through digital means, and how does the medium change the way one experiences it? 

There have been new projects in digital realms popping up to occupy the void that the loss of opportunities has left, which seem more suited for the situation we’re in.” 

On what’s essential to him

“A good number of rules and constraints create ideal conditions for art. Total freedom only begets procrastination.”

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On how essential the arts is

“As I sat up in bed watching Netflix today, procrastinating to answer these questions, I thought about how important having distractions from our current situation is. There’s a lot of talk about social distancing and I think art can offer a great distraction for people stuck at home, whether through producing or consuming it.

Similarly, digital media can be incredibly unifying – great in times of isolation and for providing comfort to people in essential work. I’ve noticed on supermarket runs that delivery people and taxi drivers all turn to their phones when waiting for the next job to come in (so creativity on this platform is very important).”

This article first appeared in the June 2020 Collaboration Issue of FEMALE.