Multi-use spaces have been growing in popularity globally in recent years, and the latest to hit our shores is the newly opened Siri House by Thai luxury property developer, Sansiri.

Located on the same strip at Dempsey that the old House restaurant used to occupy, the expansive 3,000 sq ft space is home to a restaurant and bar, an art gallery, a retail store as well as a “sales gallery” — the mainstay of Siri House that basically acts as a showroom for Sansiri’s latest Bangkok-based properties. While spaces that combine fashion, food and even art have been around for quite some time now, Siri House may just be the first of its kind by incorporating an (aspirational) abode within.

Siri House

Here, we take you through the various components of the space:

Upon entering, you’ll immediately encounter the sales gallery and it’s meant to be reflective of Sansiri’s luxury property, The Monument Thong Lo; think rich, Art Deco-style accents with decadent motifs and colours. If that’s not your preferred home decor style, no matter — the sales gallery will change every six to eight months, so do pop by even if just for aesthetic inspiration.

The 48-seater restaurant that goes by the name JAM at Siri House, is helmed by former Lolla head chef and current co-owner of Park Bench Deli, Ming Tan, alongside Jeremy Cheok of New Ubin Seafood and Garang Grill fame. Food-wise, expect contemporary Asian cuisine on shared plates, while the bar is headed by Sunday Punch’s Mark Tay and Yap Hwee Jen.

JAM at Siri House

There’s also a dedicated art gallery within the space, where new exhibitions will be held every three months or so, featuring an international roster of artists. It’s currently exhibiting the mirror-filled, surrealistic (and very Instagrammable) works of Thai artist Gongkan, in what is his first show in Singapore.

The art gallery featuring Gongkan’s works

For those into cheeky prints, some of Gongkan’s illustrations (check out the ones of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un “kissing”, below) are available on sale at the in-house store.

Along the corridor towards JAM at Siri House and the art gallery lies the in-house shop which hawks lifestyle homeware, accessories, knick-knacks, casual apparel such as T-shirts and lounge-wear. But unlike typically tacky gift shops, this one veers towards items and objects that possess an artisanal, whimsical and at times, cheeky slant.

The in-house shop

There’ll be a new cohort of Thai designers every quarter, with a total of seven native labels brought in for the opening, some of whom will present limited edition pieces designed especially for Siri House.

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