Soko’s sophomore album My Dreams Dictate My Reality will drop soon, and we reckon stardom (which she abhors) is well on the way and well-deserved.

Where her first album I Thought I Was An Alien was folksy ambient pop, and filled with songs about heartbreak, bad boyfriends and raw honesty, her new work has more post-punk and dream pop influences – but is still equally dark and melancholic. If those lo-fi videos remind you of another Californian songtress with a dreamy voice, trust us, her music is world’s away from Lana Del Rey’s calculated craft. Soko (real name Stéphanie Sokolinski) moved from Bordeaux to Paris when she was 16, and at 17 had a huge European hit with I’ll Kill Her, a lament about a cheating boyfriend. 

I’ll Kill Her

Heartbroken and withdrawn, she moved to California to record her first album, it’s filled with emotionally raw and fragile songs about isolation and loathing. Though the subject matter is dark, her raspy voice and ingenue looks makes you want to root for her. 

First Love Never Die

Monster Love

I’ve Been Alone Too Long

Her new album signals a more confident direction, and she seems to have picked up the shattered pieces. She also acts, and played Isabella in Spike Jonze’s movie Her. Yes, she was just a voice in a computer, still…

My Dreams Dictate My Reality

I Come In Peace

Keaton’s Song (Live session in Istanbul)

The new album includes collaborations with Ariel Pink (another “lo-fi” artist). Here’s Lovetrap.

And here’s her covering The Platters’ 1956 classic The Great Pretender, for the soundtrack to director Tannaz Hazemi’s new film, Before the Bomb.

We’re predicting big things. Watch this space.

Soko’s official YouTube channel, and buy her new album on iTunes